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Who Do You Say I am? Who Are You? What Are You? Do You Know the Real You?

Posted by uhscmilwaukee on 29 June, 2009 at 13:39

Who Do You Say I am? Who Are You? What Are You? Do You Know the Real You?

Adaptation from April 2005 K.A.S.E. Convention Eulogy

Delivered by R.K. Timothy F. Gardner, Sr.,

Chapter #16, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Text: Matt. 16:13-20.


In this passage of scripture Jesus reveals a great mystical truth, which is his true identity; his true spiritual identity. But, not only his true identity; but our true identity as well. Jesus presents a paradox contrasting and comparing two points of view. One view, which is real and matters. The other, the opinion of the world. Through this Jesus shows us that it really doesn't matter what the world thinks of us, or whatever it is you may think of me. What matters is what I think, what I believe, and what I know to be truth. Like Jesus, Father Hurley told us to do our own thinking. Do not let some one else think for you. You must think for yourself. This does not mean that we are to resist or refuse instruction or guidance, but that we are to condition our thoughts to receive the message from the Spirit (God) no matter what form it may take.


Surely, this is not as simple as it sounds, and the scriptures tell us that all (everyone) is tried, tempted and tested. So why should we think that these things will not confront us in this day and age? How many times has the world tried your faith and integrity? When we decided to follow this great doctrine, we chose to take a stand for something. When you stand for something the world is going to try you. The world is going to test you?and in many instances give you a serious beat down. Why? Because the enemy has a purpose also, to seek and destroy those who have chosen to follow the doctrine of the living Christ.


Realizing his true state, Jesus the Christ asks his disciples, who does the world say I am? Can't you just hear people moaning, groaning, grumbling and complaining among themselves about you, and how you choose to live your life for God saying things like, who do they think they are? But, the wisdom and power of God has the answer: thou could have no power over me, except it is given from above. And, the Holy Scriptures tells us that power belongs to God.? This is the key. The scripture did not say that some power, or one kind of power, or even two powers it says, Power belongs to God! There is no power but of God. There is no power in the material world, unless it is given power by our false belief in a power other than God! This is the important point.


But, I must add a word of caution, you don't have to go out and advertise to the world that you believe in God. You have but to live your faith everyday and in every way. Remember, if you are truly in Christ you are a new creature inside and out. The way you use to think, you don't think no more! The way you use to walk, you don't walk no more! The way you use to act, you don't act no more!


We must let the wisdom and power of God become visible on the outside! We must let the spirit of the living Christ bring about the necessary change within our being. We must remember that in all things, it is the Spirit that doeth the works. We can hear the voice of our lord and savior, Father Hurley, crying out from his sacred altar saying to us, Saints of the Most High God, do you dare to know the Christ within? Do you dare to reveal the power of God within your body? I am impressed of the righteous spirit to remind you that the real you is not flesh and bone. The real you is God (Spirit) within! Again, I tell you that the real you is God! That, Great, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Spirit!


Some of you may be sitting and wondering, acting like you don't know what I am talking about. Know that it is not robbery to be equal with God. If you are willing to get self out of the way, the Spirit can use you and I to the fullest. Manifesting from the Source of all there is into your world, into my world, visibly. There is no other time than, the right now. Now is the time to come into the knowledge of who you are, what you are, who God is, and where God is. Do not get caught up in wanting. Wanting keeps self at the forefront of your experience, instead of the wisdom and power of God. Rather than wanting many different things, desire only one thing, and that is God.


Therefore, if you have need of protection, have God. For God is protection. If you have need of health, have God. For God is health. If you have need of money, have God. For God is abundance. Whatever it is, stop praying to your concept of a God that is sitting on some heavenly throne way up in the air. For God sits on the throne of your heart! The Spirit knows all things, and is available to you. For God is the Omni-Source within you! Just dare to realize right now that God is all there is, and you find all you need is in the Spirit! Peace.

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