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Universal Hagar's

Spiritual Church Of


"God is Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." 

-John 4:24 (KJV)


MARCH 2020


During these difficult times when the world faces the impacts of COVID-19/Coronavirus we want you to know that the clergy and members of Universal Hagar’s Spiritual Church of Wisconsin and our affiliate churches across the nation stand together in faith and pray God’s grace and mercy throughout the lands. As much of our membership occupies essential worker status, we are united in thanks to each person for their contribution toward the maintenance of health safety. Although our regular schedule of church services and other events may be cancelled temporarily please be assured that the clergy and altar staff is still at work praying with you and for you each and every day. You are encouraged to partake of spiritual edification through participation in the UHSCA National Prayer Line, Inspirational Live Streaming, Virtual Church Services, and Video messages from our State Prince and Pastor Rev., Dr. Timothy Gardner, and other Hagar ministers available online. Additionally, you may continue to reach out to one another via Instant Messaging, Text Messaging, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, TicTok, Facebook…and the good old phone call. Check on your family members in this way will let them know you care and help ease the stress you may feel while having to be apart from them. Hearing their voice and they’re hearing of yours can offer some sense of balance in such an uncertain time.

In accordance with the current CDC recommendations, we urge our membership to adhere as much as possible to the Safer-At-Home/Stay Home Order to help reduce the spread of the virus. Take care to follow safe hygiene recommendations promoted by the CDC and other health organizations to include cleaning of commonly used areas in your home more often, sanitizing restrooms, frequent hand washing, wiping down door handles and countertops with disinfectant wipes, and handling, preparing, and storing food and beverages safely.

When you venture outdoors do so in a safe manner by staying at least six feet away for others; when walking outdoors with children it is advised to use a safety cord to allow safe distancing while ensuring personal safety and preventing child run-offs; pets must be on a leash at all times when out of enclosed areas such as a sturdy fence or other gated areas. Suspend crowding together or other group/social interaction as much as possible as well as non-emergent travel on buses, trains, or planes until after April 30th, 2020 or until further notice.

Do not be afraid! Stay healthy! We urge anyone who experiences flu-like symptoms to contact their healthcare provider or urgent care for assistance with available testing and health monitoring. Try to avoid becoming overwhelmed with the order to Stay Home and use this unfortunate down-time in a positive way to enjoy being alive and able to share a laugh or memory with those you hold dear. Also exercise, spring cleaning, reading, crafting, board games, comedy shows, cartoons, puzzles, trilogy movies, and don’t forget meditation is a great method to reduce stress and yes… it is always good to take time to offer thanks to God for another day’s journey! So, as we live from day to day during this global health crisis, count your blessings! Know that God is still in control! Believe that God is working His plan for the world. Accept that you are one of God’s children and He cares for you!

In everything we do we encourage you to hold on to your faith – let us take notice of our relationship with God and be evermore guided by our beliefs and values to fulfill the purpose of lifting the fallen humanity. Holding on together will always result in salvation. Remember, the Universal Hagar’s Spiritual Church of Wisconsin is here for you, your family, and the community, God Bless!


Rev., Dr., Timothy Gardner, Pastor

State Prince of UHSCA Wisconsin


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